Pro-Sticks Nail Files

Manicure and pedicure nail files featuring reusable, ergonomically designed handles with disposable abrasive stickers. Handles can be sanitized, disinfected and are autoclave safe.

Cushion Boards

Our cushion nail files are manufactured in the United States from the highest quality materials. These washable files are perfect for shaping and contouring nails.

Wood Boards

Our double-sided wood nail files/emery boards are manufactured in the United States and are available in many colors and grit styles.

Blocks and Buffers

Abrasive blocks and shining buffers are great for giving natural and acrylic nails a lustrous shine. We offer multi-sided blocks and buffers in packs of twelve or more.

Toe Spacers

Foam toe spacers are designed to complement and enhance pedicure services, available in bright colors and three styles.


Professional foam slippers add that extra touch of pampering to salon and spa pedicure treatments. Our spa and pedicure slippers are available in multiple styles and colors.

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